Solutions to Establishing a Database Connection Error in WordPress

Who has wanted to create a web page and has heard that WordPress is one of the most used and easy to use options?

Surely, this is one of the first possibilities that you have considered to launch your web project.

The installation is easy to execute if you decide to host your website in a Spain hosting like that of Webempresa.

However, if you have already worked with WordPress before, it is possible that to have your WordPress website operational you have carried out some of the tasks that you will see below:

  • Install a clone of your site.
  • Take your site to another location.
  • Perform an installation manually.

Do they sound familiar to you?

It is common for some errors to appear in this type of execution. Let’s see one of the most common that we will talk about in this section so that you can learn, without too much effort, to solve the error by connecting the WordPress database.

Database connection error in WordPress

Let’s look at the following attached image to recognize how this error connecting to the database is shown on our screens:

Let’s remember in the thread of this, an important fact that we must know: for your WordPress website to work correctly, it must have well-assigned files and the database that is associated with these files.

A question we should ask ourselves regarding this connection error with the database is if the information you use to connect is correct. This is usually the most common problem in most cases and gives rise to this conflict.

Let’s see with an easy three-step process how we can resolve that Establishing a Database Connection Error in WordPress.

1- Locate the wp-config.php file

From the cPanel of your hosting account, locate the File Manager Application.

When entering, locate the files of your website and within these files, locate the file wp-config.php. This is the one with the connection data to the database.

2- Verify connection data

When editing this file, locate the following data:

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘cuenta_nombreBD’); define(‘DB_USER’, ‘cuenta_nombreUser’); define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘claveUserBD’); define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

As you will see, these are the DB_HOST connection data AND on most servers, localhost is always used, therefore, the data you have to check are the three that we indicate below:

  • the name of the database account_BDname
  • the user assigned to the database account_username
  • the password of the user keyUserBD

3- Connection data in MySQL Database

From the cPanel of your hosting account, locate the Database section and then MySQL Database.

Here you must verify the name of your database and if the assigned user is correct.

Also, you have the option to see the user’s privileges by entering the username link, make sure they have all the privileges.

On this same screen at the bottom, you have the option to change the user’s password. Proceed to modify it as it may not be correct.

With this database name, database username and password changed, you just need to update your wp-config.php file if necessary.

Still, Have A Database Connection Error?

Executing this simple process, the database connection error should be resolved, however, if you still have problems, then you can check what I propose below:

1- If You Have Problems With Your Database Server.

This case is rare, you can rule it out by installing a new WordPress website through the automatic installer or if you have more than one website in your account, and they all have the problem, so yes it could be a server problem.

In these circumstances, we recommend you consult the hosting support in which you host your WordPress.

2- If Your Database Is Corrupt.

In this other case, you would have to re-export your database and import it again.

Another option that I propose you is that from your cPanel of your hosting account, you enter the section “Database> MySQL Database”, and try to correct the database.


As you can see, solving the database connection error in WordPress is not so complicated.

If you want to avoid a headache, using the guidelines we have discussed will allow you to see your website published and in perfect condition for your users to navigate through it.




I am a blogger and loves to write, I am also a writer at many prominent sites

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David Russel

David Russel

I am a blogger and loves to write, I am also a writer at many prominent sites

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